Monday, June 8, 2009

The Library Quest

While looking at some websites about skewness and kurtosis I found a reference to a certain book that was theoretically in Magill library. It supposedly had an estimate for the error of both kurtosis and skewness and I was curious how they derived it.

So I copied down its call number and set off on my journey to Magill. Up to the 5th Tier I went, only to find that there was no QA section, just Q and QB. Well there was a sign in the stairs that said that most Q's were in the Science Library, so I walked back to the INSC and continued my search. Just as I had thought, there was a whole section on what I was looking for, filled with Bayesian Inference and statistical analysis. But no matter how hard I looked, my books (I found another that I wanted to look at) were nowhere to be found. So I asked the librarian and we both agreed that they were not where they should be.

But we eventually decided that they actually WERE in Magill, despite having nearly identical subject matter to the stuff in the SciLi. Thinking that I was somehow blind the first time I went there, I trudged all the way back up to the fifth floor of Magill. Yet the books were still nowhere to be found. Eventually when I was about to give up, I discovered that the wall did not in fact stretch all the way across the room. Yet there was no way to notice this when you were actually looking for a book in the shelves. The shelves actually continued on the other side of the wall as if it weren't there. And I found out that my books were on the other side of the freaking wall the whole time. Stupid library organization.

Well now I have two statistical books and one even has a whole chapter on Mixture Models (aka what I'm doing). And I just got an email from Jay, telling me how to actually run Nmix. Things are looking up!

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